bodie and fou 7

Hello — Lori of automatism here, with a little home inspiration while Victoria is busy moving into her own new home. Home is a reflection of who you are. The books you read, the music you listen to, the art and photos you love, even the meals you choose to prepare — all of these are aspects of your personality. This is why, when visiting the homes of friends, it’s... 
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guest post: automatism.


Hello, it’s Lori of automatism here — and today I thought I’d share some classic French style with you, inspired by Victoria’s exciting trip to Paris. This is the home of legendary designer Dominique Kieffer, and it’s a brilliant example of the sort of understated elegance that the French do so well. I love how the earthy palette of browns, greiges... 
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guest post: think pink.

Hello, it’s Lori of automatism here, and today I’m sharing a favourite post of mine that I guarantee will instantly make you feel cheerful! Laura’s Danish home is an ode to the very feminine colour pink, and her sophisticated use of it against a neutral background of white keeps it modern and fresh as well as pretty. I find this space so inspiring to look... 
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the benevolent postcard society.


i’m so happy to have joined up with the benevolent postcard society! i rarely get ‘real mail’ these days, unless of course it’s another catalog, or of course one of those pesky bills. but the benevolent postcard society is a fantastic idea created by illustrator and blogger lori langille of the blog automatism. A postcard exchange and art project in... 
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