insta / pairings.


@onahazymorning and @americangarage. the thing about instagram, as much as i love it, is that it can be so fleeting. here today, gone even before tomorrow. and with the new algorithm they’ve for some unknown reason employed (which i despise, by the way) you sometimes don’t see everything in your feed you might like to. i thought it might be nice to preserve some... 
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virtual dance party.

HAPPY FRIDAY DANCE PARTY #3 from blaine hogan on Vimeo. if you haven’t heard, blogger blaine hogan is hosting a Happy Friday Dance Party. blaine’s been having great fun (as you can see above!), but the truth is he’s a tad lonely without you, and is tired of dancing alone. so you can join in! this dance party is virtual. i keep hoping i’ll get caught up... 
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this time, let’s ‘pin it forward’!

yay! we’re finally launching the brand new blog it forward blogger mashup, and it’s got a whole new name and theme – pin it forward! as i’ve been saying in my last few teaser posts, i’ve been introduced to some great new software that allows you to bookmark your favorites images on the web, and keep them in a beautiful gallery for easy visual... 
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blog if forward. it continues.


travel mementos from ink on my fingers. i’ve been trying really hard to visit all the ‘blog it forward‘ posts daily, but being out of town last week, i missed a few, so now i’m playing catch-up. it’s awesome though — yesterday in the pouring rain, i got cozy and read through a bunch of them. here’s just a very few of the favorite bits... 
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blog it forward: what inspires me?

perfect clutter via elle decor south africa. voila! the time has come. and ‘blog it forward’ begins! it’s not as simple as you might think to share what inspires me in a single post. i gather inspiration from a multitude of mediums, from even the most mundane items, to the sheer brilliance i find everyday in the world. the internet has brought so much talent... 
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