a new way to work: mod.

a new way to work: mod. / sfgirlbybay

hey, happy friday! leslie from spotted sf here and though the work week is ending for most, i wanted to fill you in on some exciting¬†things happening here in san francisco. perhaps something to think about when you’re clocking back in on monday. it’s a brand new way to work on-the-go and it’s called mod. with a location already in phoenix (and future plans... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.

so, makeshift society made the sunday paper last weekend. specifically, founder rena tom and i made the cover of the style section wearing bunny masks. who knew city newspapers could be so goofy? i can’t explain the bunny masks, they were just something i brought in as a joke (so be careful leaving your masks out where journalists can see them). but it was nice to have... 
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