the new case study fiberglass demi table + a giveaway


meet modernica’s brand new Case Study┬« Fiberglass Demi Table. isn’t she sweet? i just love this versatile little table. handcrafted in los angeles, Modernica constructs each tabletop with eleven layers of laminated hardwoods and bevels the exposed wood edge. these lightweight occasional tables are perfect solutions for flexible use spaces — cocktail table,... 
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looks like this chair’s on vacation.


from modernhaus design, The Memory of a Circle chair is based on their idea that we are innately drawn to the circle; that we seek out roundness and need it in our environment. Its comforting and uncomplicated shape provides relief from linear life and looks good everywhere. like pancakes? like a beautiful full moon? perhaps! its Remarkably comfortable, minimalist silhouette... 
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beach hut sophisticate.

homestead seattle. sometimes when i think about beach house style, i like to think in terms of a more sophisticated color palette. instead of say nautical blue, i think neutrals, black, white — the colors of sand, black coral, thatched huts, and the color of the ocean under the moonlight. ever since my trip to tulum i’ve been obsessed, and strongly impacted by... 
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muted sometimes speaks volumes.


domino magazine. i love interior decor that while very muted, can speak volumes. these interiors, for instance have very neutral color schemes, but there’s something uniquely beautiful in all of them. the dining room above doesn’t have a lot of color, but that dining set is fabulous and still allows for the view to steal the show — as well it should! a great... 
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thoughts for a friday.


jean baptiste sinniger. i grew up in southern california. so i am a beach girl at heart, growing up with a love for surf culture. there’s a certain hue to real beach culture and i think of it like the silvery sage that grows in the soft sand dunes, and the color of the sky reflecting on those aqua waves. it’s kind of muted the beach i have in mind. it’s calm... 
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