home, at last.


it’s beginning to look a lot like home around here. after many weeks of purging and packing up 1,000 square feet to move it all about 10 blocks away, into about 600 square feet, we’re finally making some real progress. i like it here. a lot. it’s peaceful and quiet and though it’s tiny and old, i’m trying to make it into a modern cottage. i look... 
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old brand new.


home is a playground where you can have fun creating and collecting beautiful things. everything in your home should be things you absolutely love. and you don’t need to rob a bank to make your home look beautiful. it just takes some creativity and patience. my thing is decorating on a shoestring budget. try scouring flea markets and thrift stores for rad furniture or... 
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the coveting continues.


i swear, i think covet garden publishes their online magazine just for me. okay, well, probably not, but it feels like it’s all about me and my aesthetic, so if you like my taste, you’re probably gonna love the current issue of covet garden. as always, each issue features just one creative person and their amazing home, their hobbies, their fashion sense etc. etc.... 
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new stuff.


so, even though i move in a few weeks, i got some new stuff. because, well — i just had to. i’ve been hunting for this elusive three-legged mid-century modern stool for ages and then there it was on mid century modern finds, so i couldn’t pass it up, now could i? it’s small, not too heavy to carry to my new place, right? i’m totally justified.... 
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olsson & jensen.


behold the vintage-inspired home accessories and styling from swedish designers olsson & jensen. pretty gorgeous, huh? i love the juxtaposition of the vintage ornate furnishings, paired with the mid-century modern, and even 1970’s tie-dye — somehow the way olsson & jensen has styled their pieces just works. the subtle grays, pale lavenders and plum with... 
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