new & noteworthy.


1. loved this movie, so i need the carol mini print from heart beats club. i may have¬†gotten a little wacky with this round of new & noteworthy, but hey what’s life without a little frivolity now and then? not that any of these fine objets d’art don’t serve some urgent purpose or another? fluffy pink artwork, girls in trees, beach blankets — it’s... 
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real art for a fictitious world.


oh mary… there’s just something about mary! she’s kind, funny, beautiful, super cool, and basically a ray of sunshine. when i started planning what kind of art to buy for her cheery miami apartment, flowers kept popping to mind. yep, bunches of bright, fresh, colorful flowers dappled in golden sunlight seemed like a perfect fit for mary: yes! these gorgeous... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


i may not be wes anderson’s number one fan…i’m probably like 10x that whimpy old fan! so, when i saw someone tweet the trailer for his new movie moonrise kingdom, well, let’s just say it made my week. not only is it wes, which is frankly enough. it stars edward norton, frances mcdormand, jason, schwartzman, bruce willis, tilda swinton and ahem, bill-freakin’-murray... 
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inspired by: bill cunningham new york.


last night i went to one of my favorite old theatres in the city, the castro, to see Bill Cunningham New York.¬† i was told before i went that i would be grinning from ear to ear throughout the entire film, and they did not lie. a few tears slipped in as well, as i was just so completely moved by bill cunningham, the person. the film is a documentary of the life of bill and... 
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san francisco film festival – ticket giveaway!


Colin Hearts Kay is a new romantic comedy and an independent partially-animated film from the Emmy-winning director Sebastian Conley. Following two sold-out screenings at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, the movie will be having its West Coast premiere at the San Francisco United Film Festival on June 14th. and the Film Festival folks have been kind enough to offer... 
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