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The SpringsĀ co-Founders, Jared Stein and Kimberly Helms, first encountered the Los Angeles Arts District in 2013 while on tour with a Broadway show and knew it would be perfect spot for the community wellness center they had envisioned. They were determined to create an oasis for city-dwellers that lived up to health-conscious lifestyle choices all the while remaining accessible... 
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hello, it’s danielle from the jealous curator back to hang a bit of art! so, a few weeks ago someone asked me what i’d do on a staircase – well, here you go! ok, first things first – those stairs {that I found via poppytalk’s pinboard} are clearly begging to have some art on them. yes, directly on them: gorgeous – all of them! {and of course,... 
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i’ve been trying to figure out what the heck to do with my dining room for a while now. i hung the patrick townsend white orbit chandelier, but since i painted over the black walls, it’s been just looking terribly drab in there – lacking drama! so last night, i got this idea — what if i went pale, pale pink and added some kind of statement piece, as... 
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wallpaper wanted.


now that i’ve gone and swamped the dining and living rooms again, the dining room is looking a little, well…blah. i painted over the black walls in there, so it needs some drama – some oomph! i quite like this Etched Arcadia Mural from anthropologie. since i’m just a renter, i’d probably just hang it up with some black & white striped japanese... 
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mural, mural on the wall.

this weekend multi-talented san francisco artist lisa congdon shared a beautiful commission she’s just completed. a lovely, vibrant mural at a beach house out in stinson beach, just over the golden gate bridge and tucked away a bit from the bustle of city. nice spot to work, isn’t it? the beach house is owned by elizabeth clayton’s family (and is available... 
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