where in the world are we?


bonnie dain, via lilla rogers. there’s a new online class over on skillshare and i am all signed up! i love maps – adore them. ever since i was a little kid and my dad kept a stash of maps in the glovebox of our vw bug i’ve been fascinated with them. we’d take road trips and i loved to see where all the pretty little colored lines would take us. so... 
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learn to paint? yes, please.


it’s that time again — time to get your paint on! Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class for Beginners and Life-long Learners starts up again this month — April 16 – May 20. if you’ve always wanted to start painting but don’t know where or how to begin, or are just Feeling stuck in your existing art practice and need a little kick in... 
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