a paint called cheerful.


post sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. at long last, the “after”. as you may have read in the “before” about a month ago, sherwin williams kindly offered to do a little before and after paint project on my house, which was in a sad state of affairs. it needed a paint job, and bad. i knew i wanted the main color to be their HGTV HOME by Sherwin Williams... 
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paint my house, please.


post sponsored by sherwin williams. so, i just wanted to apologize right off the bat for sharing the eyesore that is the outside of my house on the blog. bleecky! but the fine folks at sherwin williams heard my cry and have very kindly offered to paint my very hideous house, so we’ve partnered to share a little “before and after” with you. my home has not... 
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my image inspiration.


awhile back i posted about glidden’s paint’s tool to help you figure out your color ‘personality’ — My Colortopia. now the folks at Glidden have developed this fun new tool called My Image Inspiration and they’ve sponsored me to try it and share it with you. if you’re in a bit of a conundrum as to how to get the color balance and paint... 
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i’ve been trying to figure out what the heck to do with my dining room for a while now. i hung the patrick townsend white orbit chandelier, but since i painted over the black walls, it’s been just looking terribly drab in there – lacking drama! so last night, i got this idea — what if i went pale, pale pink and added some kind of statement piece, as... 
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if you were a room, what color do you think you would be? would you be pale and subdued shades of pink, or a soft gray? or might be you bold and dynamic, say a kelly green or hot pink colored wall? maybe a bit more modern, say charcoal gray, like i painted a while back? the folks at glidden paint invited me to share with you their fun new feature, colortopia. call it a personality... 
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