the view from here.


the view from here this week: 1. into vintage? well, who isn’t the way the world is going these days!? then you’ll like this blog, cathy of california. take a walk down memory lane with some of the great finds cathy digs up. i especially liked these vintage ceramics monthly magazine covers from 1953 to 1954. 2. are you a total dweeb when it comes to photoshop,... 
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designlovefest | pins.


so a while ago i was laying in bed thinking about how much i wanted to travel to germany. so i figured there would be no better way to do that, then to teach a blogshop in berlin! (you know, the photoshop class Victoria took recently!) so, we are headed there in october, and I am already thinking about what I am going to pack, where I am going to eat and what adventures... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.


okay, i’m having way too much fun playing in photoshop after the blogshop workshop. i may be overdoing it — just a tad. i promise to dial it back a little bit…but it’s addictive! have a great weekend everyone!  
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absolute beginner.


okay, so i am just an absolute beginner, and i don’t want to embarrass my awesome blogshop teachers bri emery and angela kohler too much, but i learned so freakin’ much at weekend’s workshop, i can hardly stand it. i just want to keep making blog posts all night & day – it was that much fun. i have been flying by the seat of my pants in photoshop... 
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Photoshop + You SF.


it’s kind of been like photoshop mania around here lately. after learning a ton and getting completely inspired at blogshop this weekend, i was also physced to learn that adobe Photoshop has a pop up event in san francisco, and all week long the Photoshop + You SF team is hosting artist talks, classes, and digital imaging activities at 550 Sutter through August 6th. ... 
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