hello again! today i bring you a pink wall, and a stunning gold panel at casa barragán in mexico city – the former home of mexican architect luis barragán: this space is almost perfect, but i just want to pop in and add one more little golden touch to this gorgeous alcove: oh. the amazing portraits (mixed media on wood panel) by german artist tilo uischner. i... 
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thoughts for a friday.


bitohoney. you may have noticed a lot of oval-egg-shaped things interrupting your internet airwaves the past few weeks. bunny rabbits, too — they’re simply everywhere! oh yeah, it’s easter. so for this thoughts for a friday i am putting my own twist on those silly wabbits, and on the incredible edible and in this case more-often than not, inedible egg. i... 
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thinking pink, again.


covet garden. so, i try to go all minimal and black and white, but then all of a sudden pink sneaks its way back into my life. a little dose of it here and there in a black and white color scheme really goes a long way in warming things up. so i’ve been looking at pink again. i see subtle splashes and great big cannonball kerplunks of pink! i think i’m more drawn... 
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style + space.


emily green’s watercolors + Appliqué Your Way diy garland sheers. the paris apartment + amelia. farrow & ball wallpaper + innut acapulco chairs. anthropologie striped pillows + Tuscan Viga Chevron Rug. bitohoney + lonny magazine.  
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quince, now and forever.


every year, around early spring i start jonesing for my quince. not the fruit, the flowering Chaenomeles. i love these branches with the most perfect shade of coral pink you’ve ever laid your eyes on, so i go hunting for them at all my local flower shops. not many places carry them, because they’re large and kind of unruly branches and they’re dangerous!... 
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