a pinboard in particular: a book by its cover.


this is my latest pinboard in particular — i call it a book by its cover and it’s a collection of vintage book covers that i fell in love with. like so many things, they very often don’t design ’em like they used to. always exceptions to this rule, but i love the graphics and typefaces i found in these book covers. bol.com and the accidental optimist. george... 
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a pinboard in particular: getting warmer.


this my latest pinboard in particular — i have a fondness for beautiful fireplace mantels, and i’ve been collecting favorite images of them. i miss having a fireplace, so pinning mantels is sort of the next best thing – not nearly as warm as a real one, though. here’s my getting warmer pinboard. hope it makes you feel nice and toasty. jakob nylund,... 
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a pinboard in particular: window shopping.


i thought i’d start something new around here — i call it a pinboard in particular. every other week, i’m going to challenge myself to create new pinterest boards that i hope inspire you, as well as myself. i find so many great ideas for pinboards on pinterest and i think it might be fun to share some ideas here. this week i’m sharing one i started... 
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hey! it’s a photojojo giveaway.


woot! what’s that you say? yes, indeed — my friends at san francisco-based photojojo are hosting a rather fun giveaway! they’d like to introduce you to their pinterest boards, so they’re inviting readers to pop over to their sfgirlbybay pinterest board and take a look around. two winners will win a $50 gift certificate for the photojojo store towards... 
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luxe pins.


i love design, and i especially love the craft of it. it doesn’t matter if it’s pixels or paper i’m interested in it all and it inspires me every day; this week i thought i’d share some of my recent inspirations that i’ve been collecting on pinterest. clothing labels from barnaby black (no. 1), chalkboard lettering by dana tanamachi (no. 2),... 
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