style + space.


fine little day + fox on the run. rue magazine + Sarah Ryhanen. fieldguided + butine pillow. martha stewart + geninne. vk stock + blissful.  
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precious gems.


there’s nothing like the elegance of some subtle jewel tones to create a sultry and feminine mood, like these pretty rooms above and just below from rue. the shades of precious gems like lavender, plum, and even purple — the official royal color — mixed with pale gold, create a lovely color combination when used together in modern, unexpected ways. i went... 
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i spy: modern autumn.


it’s started to feel like fall around here. crisp autumn air, the smell of fireplaces being stoked somewhere in the distance, and colors like ochre, gold, plum and mauve popping up on trees all over. today i spy a more modern autumn. this is a contemporary take on your basic autumn shades and i love these rich, warm colors. they make me want to bundle up in scarves and... 
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color me happy.


there’s nothing quite like the soothing shades of lavender and plum. they instantly take me to some moroccan hideaway, the smell of incense floating distantly in the air, big fluffy poufs, and utter relaxation. • image: julie montgomery’s caravan, via re-nest.  
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i spy: monday hues.


it’s a brand new week, but still so foggy — not just my brain, but the weather, too. and well, it’s monday, so you know…it’s just not saturday or sunday and it won’t be for another whole week. i don’t exactly have the monday blues, but today i’m tottering along, slowly gathering steam, and some weekday inspiration — some... 
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