pssst, portland. meet maven collective.


lucky, lucky portland. there’s a brand new collective in town, a brick and mortar vintage shop, maven collective right there under your very noses in the neighborhood of montavilla. do you have any idea how lucky that makes you? maven collective consists of kim ludy of ethanollie, sue teso of solstice home, rebekah dortmund of little byrd vintage, and jacklyn arvin who... 
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Summer swimwear Giveaway from Popina.


lucky for all you portlanders! you’ve got the big float going on this sunday, july 29th! this sounds like something i’d be totally into doing — floating down the williamette river with hundreds of my best friends! to celebrate the big float, portland’s popina swimwear is kindly making those of us who can’t be there feel a bit better by giving... 
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flights of fancy: frazier & wing.


i’ve long been a fan of heather’s, a portland-based artist and the talented designer behind frazier & wing. heather designs the most incredibly delicate and and unique craft paper mobiles and garlands, and i’m pretty sure i’ve been watching her work since i began the blog in 2006. frazier and wing has a brand new website, and pretty new mobiles... 
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summer school was never this much fun.


if there’s one thing i admire and love about the blogging world is the support and sense of community that i get from a majority of the bloggers i’ve met. and this is no exception. some of my favorite bloggers and creative talents have gotten together to form like, the most fun summer school, ever – summer school pdx! and in one of the best places, ever –... 
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unexpected guests: matt pierce.


brace yourselves, dear readers, we’ve got a man in the house! i’m always itching to share some guy style around here, and today on unexpected guests we’re popping up to portland to visit with matt pierce, handy-man extraordinaire! i’ve shared matt’s new blog and shop recently, wood & faulk, but ever since befriending and following him on on... 
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