step into the salon.


i love a lovely salon, or home gallery of vintage portraits and paintings. the more personal the better, and the more unusual — well let’s just say i’ve got a thing for the unique, whether it’s the unexpected placement or the painting itself. it’s why i’ve held on to good old rico suave for so long, but lately i just can’t seem to... 
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a new addition.


i just wanted to share a quick little update to my bathroom gallery. i went over to shoot christine & carlos of MCMF’s a few weeks ago (their house tour is here), and they gave me this lovely little painting to add to my collection – the waterfall scene on the lower right. i love it! i’ve just decided to go nutty in my weird little pink and blue tiled... 
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tuesday’s girl: feather & stone.


i got a lovely little note from the dynamic photography duo, seth and tenielle of feather & stone of brisbane, australia, inviting me to share with you a bit of their very beautiful wedding portfolio, and i am most happy to do just that for something a little different this tuesday’s girl. the couple shoot some incredibly lovely (and unique!) wedding photography,... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: pretty portraits.


if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know i have a fairly large collection of vintage portrait paintings, including the infamous rico suave. i’ve been in a bit of a conundrum over them – do they stay or do they go? maybe i just need to rearrange them somehow for a more dramatic effect, or revamp the collection with some new pieces of art.... 
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curated collections.


miniature portraits. tiny little portraits painted onto tiny little bits of enamel, copper and canvas. i had no idea how many of these little things existed, until a few weeks ago. i was lucky enough to be invited to do an interview & guest curation on “the inside source”, ebay’s blog. my task was to pick any ten items that caught my eye. i started browsing around... 
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