say hey to parabo press!


there’s a brand new way to print your photos and instagrams in town, and that’s a free App called┬áparabo press from the team at Photojojo.┬áParabo is a new kind of print service, inspired by small batch printing techniques, created for photographers, makers, designers and good taste-havers who want to show off their photos in unexpected ways. i’ve been printing... 
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introducing mapiful. where will you go?


as some of you may know already, i’m a bit of a map-buff — and that may be a huge understatement. ever since i was little, watching my dad get out the maps and routing our cross-country road trips i’ve been fascinated by cartography and the fact that some talented humans are actually able to create these maps to guide us along our way and keep us from getting... 
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tuesday’s girl: lily ashwell.


while the vibe is perhaps recognizable, the designs are all her own. designer lily ashwell seems to have inherited her mother, rachel ashwell’s affinity for feminine prints and shabby chic pastels, but this generation of ashwells is all about fashion. lily ashwell designs clothing under her own label — pretty, flirty dresses, skirts and tops in linen, cotton and... 
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thoughts for a friday.


martha stewart’s DIY Precious Diamonds Family Tree. you know me. i love all things photo-related. from high-tech apps like instagram and after light to a twin lens reflex — i am smitten. i actually learned to take photos in high school on a twin lens reflex, developing the film and making prints in the classroom darkroom. talk about old school. but i loved the... 
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tuesday’s girl: springtime coats.


coat cloudy from kling shop + marte. do you remember when you were little, and towards the end of february or early march you’d need a new pair of shiny patent leather maryjanes or perhaps a new spring coat? those early mornings when you could still see frost on the ground and a hint of crocus pushing their way to the surface, but it was just too warm for winter wool?... 
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