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Amsterdam is one of my very favorite places to visit and Sukha is a modern department store there where things are ​​produced responsibly and sustainably, using re-used and repurposed vintage items — like Clothing, furniture, jewelry, and handmade goods. Sukha means ‘joy of life’. Irene Mertens is the owner and founder of both fashion label Sukha, as... 
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best bench ever.


Artist and former Anthropologie visual director Leslie Oschmann breathes new life into found objects with her Amsterdam design studio Swarm. For this piece, anthropologie commissioned her to transform and repurpose pairs of antique stools into a bench-cum-work-of-art, using both leslie’s own sketches and once-forgotten found drawings. one of a kind, handmade in the netherlands.... 
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swarm…like bees to honey, i thought you might like to know there’s a new batch of leslie oschmann’s swarm bags. A series of unique, leather handled carry bags made by hand using vintage oil paintings leslie has sourced exclusively from markets in Holland and Belgium. Each swarm bag tells its own story go, hurry. these one of a kind handmade bags don’t... 
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unexpected guests: ariele alasko.


the other day i happened upon the amazing cheese boards of brooklyn-based builder ariele alasko. i couldn’t even tell you how i got there, it was just another serendipitous day of my internet a.d.d. — one thing always leads to another. and in this case, i realized my wanderings had found something special. ariele is a real maker – a woodworker — and... 
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dutch designer piet hein eek’s Scrapwood Wallpaper Collection has always wowed me, and now Piet Hein Eek has designed two additional styles which will be available as of November 1st. i love the look of this whitewashed plank wood wallpaper! i can’t help but wonder if he might be able to come up with flooring to match!? being able to lay down these white planks... 
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