introducing…your guest bloggers!


while off on a bit of a holiday, i am leaving you all in some extraordinary blogging hands! i depart today for my trip to europe, but i’d never dream of  going without offering up some excellent eye candy. oh heaven forbid! just wait until you see who’s going to be sharing with you while i’m gone. it’s good…real good! here’s who’s... 
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guest bloggers: the line-up!


okay, this is getting to be a bit of broken record, huh? so, yeah, yeah…i’m headed to new york city today and will be gone until the 22nd. however, in the meantime, i am leaving you with some very capable, and hugely creative talents to take care of your blogging needs! we wouldn’t want to leave you jonesing for posts, now would we? so in my absence will be... 
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pin it forward – here’s the schedule!

i’m so excited, everyone! thanks to all 300 of you who joined pin it forward! the response was huge, and i’m sorry it closed up so quickly, but hopefully you’ll join in next time! it’s definitely always hard to turn anyone away, but it’s a logistical management issue and nothing more. and, those of you who signed up, but didn’t make this... 
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blog it forward – begins wednesday!

okay all — it’s time! we’re starting the ‘blog it forward‘ mashup this week, on wednesday, february 10th! and this first theme is “what inspires you personally?” to view the complete schedule at any time going forward, click on the ‘blog it forward’ badge in the left-hand column of my blog. basically, here’s what... 
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