bedside manners.


THE APARTMENT BY THE LINE, in / out blog. i place quite a bit of importance on my bedside table — i like it to be uncluttered, with my favorite things nearby: current reading material and journal, candles, night mask (very important!) and good lighting. i have a thing for cool looking lamps and have a collection of all shapes and sizes. my bedside pendant lamps are from... 
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on my radar.


schoolhouse electric’s new Radar Sconce is adorable, in a not too cute, but more industrial kind of way. the radar sconce was inspired by a light originally used on an industrial parts washer. with its very Utilitarian simplicity, This fixture is practical, colorful and flexible — a beautiful and simple example of American industrial lighting. The Radar Sconce... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: schoolhouse rocks!


did y’all know that schoolhouse electric is selling more than just lovely lighting fixtures? yep, it’s true. schoolhouse has a whole new line of fabulous furniture, home wares and accessories to light up your beautiful life, too. i need several of these items, including that awesome black tufted sofa! the new schoolhouse collection includes upholstery, poufs,... 
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fun with schoolhouse electric.


ooooh, look, jane, look! look dick, look! tell skip schoolhouse electric has brand new lamps and they are swell! tell all your pals schoolhouse electric has outdone themselves. everyone will loves these! a mix of hi-tech and low-tech, schoolhouse has great new fixtures out and they couldn’t be cooler!  
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schoolhouse rocks.


i am so very honored that the wonderful lighting company schoolhouse electric co. (one of my sponsors) chose to feature my dining nook in their brand new celestial collection catalog. i have schoolhouse’s satellite pendant lamp with the pretty metallic bulbs and i love it. it’s got just that right amount of modern sprocket lamp look, and it’s even on dimmers.... 
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