shelf life.


the one thing about my little cottage that kind of drove me crazy was this sad little window in the living area that just looked kind of lonesome. i felt like it needed to be grounded somehow, and the best way i could think of was to build a custom wall unit around it to shelve all my many books and collectibles. fortunately for me, i know an extremely talented local craftsman... 
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collective soul.


i love a well-curated collection. whether it be a stunning art gallery like this one from the apartment, or a well-loved pile of books, when pulled together as a cohesive collection it’s perfection for me. like-objects grouped together as collections just work and look effortlessly stylish. these are some real good ones. a shop called all that is solid, via what she... 
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i saw this photograph of magazine editor magazine Darcy Miller Nussbaum’s dining room nook in architectural digest, and was quite taken with this gallery arrangement of family photographs — not to mention that is one stunning light fixture! what i think i really like, is the juxtiposition of the very fancy chandelier with that of the simple box frames. it creates... 
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the sfgirlbybay home office.


so, this is where is all happens. “what happens?” you might ask — i know i do, almost every darn day. i get up and take lucy to the dog park, ingest a whole bunch of coffee and then stare at the computer screen and debate with myself what to share with y’all. sometimes, i have loads of inspiration i can’t wait to show you, and other days, to... 
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it’s thomas wold’s world.


it’s thomas wold’s world. we just live in it. and he makes living so much better! i love thomas wold’s custom built home furnishings, and am especially loving his new credenza in white. to check out how thomas takes one person’s trash and creates these re-purposed treasures, visit his website.  
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