tuesday’s girl: on a wednesday. oops.


oops. i got so excited about sharing this app yesterday, i forgot to run a tuesday’s girl post. and i really, really wanted to, because oh my goodness — hansel from basel has outdone themselves with their beautiful lookbook images. this season’s looks were photographed by nicholas haggard and they are simply stunning. anyway, i’ve got this thing for... 
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tuesday’s girl: antipast.


Just as how antipasto enlightens ones to have great expectations for the main dish to come, “Being an inspiration to fashion,” ANTIPAST is named to pursue and perform in the same manner. these beautifully detailed tights come from Japanese designers Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato. the designing duo established their fashion company Coup de Champignon in 1991, where their... 
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tuesday’s girl: getting girlie.


i’m in a real skirt and dress mood these days. maybe it was all the cute fashion inspiration at alt summit, but i’m trying to step up my game (ummm, hello, girl still in her pajamas blogging!) and get a bit more girlie — you know, embrace the vintage-loving, cute-shoe-wearing girl inside. i save pages that i love from catalogs and keep them in a fashion journal... 
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tuesday’s girl: twig reader discount.


it’s grand tuesday’s girl today, especially for y’all! my lovely sponsor, twig is offering up a special sfgirlbybay reader discount — save 15% off designer fashions like Erica Tanov, a new jewelry line by Love, Nina Jane, a great modern take on the pearl necklace/bracelet, beautiful handbags by Jas MB, and some especially adorable socks from Antipast... 
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tuesday’s girl: hansel from basel.


i’m a big fan of hansel from basel…i carry my zigzag bag all over the place and very often i’m asked “where’d you get that?” hansel from basel, that’s where! hansel from basel carries loads of lovely fashion accessories, like socks, tights and totes, and they’ve got a new lookbook online to oogle which i thought would be a perfect... 
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