see mornings in a new light.


my morning coffee moment is always a favorite ritual of mine. before the dog walk, before anything else really, i like the smell and taste of that warm cup of coffee. there’s good news for busy, and lazy, mornings — Nespresso is launching two brand new breakfast coffees for their VertuoLine range. you can see mornings in a new light with their new Solelio and Giornio... 
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repurposing vintage prints.


sometimes it’s just tricky to find the fabrics you have in your head when it comes to decorating. i often wish i could design my own patterns from my imagination, or bring back to life some of the gorgeous vintage prints they used to make. it’s kind of a lost art i often imagine recreating — i miss those cool floral prints of the 50’s and 60’s,... 
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sfgirl by the hudson bay.


who doesn’t love these blankets? i saw this post on the old faithful shop blog and memories came flooding in — hudson bay blankets evoke all kinds of happy childhood memories for me. my parents had one of these traditionally primary-colored striped hudson bay blankets — i think they may have even brought it with them all the way from canada when they moved... 
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margaux keller design studio.


this structure is an installation of french designer margaux keller’s called next cabin. Next Cabin is a structure that takes the form of a folding wooden hut, but what i fell in love with were these quilts and their simple neon stripe. aren’t they just lovely?  
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lucy, for cath kidston.


the very nice folks at cath kidston wanted to see what lucy might look like donning their latest collection. a pink striped webbing dog leash and collar collection that is! i think she looks mighty stunning, and just a little bit sporty, no? thanks so much cath kidston for sending lucy this look. she likes! and then, the very exhausted super model sacks out. • accessories... 
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