artist in residence: kirra jamison.


australian Artist Kirra Jamison’s home is in the current issue of Inside Out Magazine. not only am i smitten by her beautifully eclectic and colorful home, but her artwork as well. how could one stay sad in a room containing a painting by kirra? Kirra Jamison is a Melbourne artist known for her brightly coloured gouache and vinyl paintings that are influenced by textile... 
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perfect places | imperfect people.


i’ve long been a fan of online magazine llamas’ valley (and their motto — perfect places | imperfect people) and read it religiously when it launches online. and now llamas’ valley has just released the first interactive iPad edition of their beautiful magazine. You can see a small preview of it online at llamas’ valley And you can read the whole... 
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an atelier of our own.


Atelier is the French word for ‘workshop’, and in English is used principally for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts. so many of us work at home these days, or have at the very least carved out a little niche for ourselves where we might sit and aspire to greatness, whether it’s designing your next blog post, or a sofa slipcover or perhaps... 
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the jealous curator: art goes here.


hello! it’s danielle from the jealous curator, and i’m back with something a little bit different this week. i have always loved hanging art, changing it around, adding new pieces etc – maybe as much as victoria loves switching her living room and dining room around! so, here’s what i’m thinking – i’m going to take an interior {found somewhere on the always inspiring... 
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fab friday.


all work and no play makes me a very dull girl. but i played a lot last week at alt summit, so i’m working caaa-crazy hours and still trying catch-up on this very long-anticipated fab friday! but, if you’re going to work at home, it might as well be stylish, right? i’m thinking about an office makeover and loved some of these inspiring spaces. this vintage... 
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