coffeeklatch | creative chitchat.


i stumbled upon a wonderful website this weekend (as the rain poured down in san francisco, rendering us all house bound) called coffeeklatch — creative chitchat. i even love the name — much like the selby or freunde von freunden it’s a site that features creative people and the fascinating spaces they occupy. whether it be their homes, or their studios so... 
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makeshift society.


if you hadn’t heard, i’m working with rena tom and suzanne shade and we’re opening up a clubhouse here in san francisco. yep, a clubhouse for creatives. it’s called makeshift society. We make with our heads and think with our hands. A clubhouse for creatives, launching Fall 2012 in beautiful Hayes Valley. makeshift society will be a space to create,... 
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inspired by: freunde von freunden.


as far as i can translate i think freunde von freunden means something like friends of a friend, or something close. anyhow, that’s kind of how i feel about berlin-based blog freunde von freunden — they feel like friends who inspire me endlessly. and i mean endlessly — i linger and look at their site all day long. i get happily stuck there all the time, and... 
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STUDIO SPACES: inspiration found here.


i love peering into artist’s studio spaces. just the look of all that organized chaos (or as the case may be, disorganized chaos) in someone’s work space inspires and fascinates me. i’m the kind of person who likes an orderly work space to get things checked off the check list, however i secretly admire the decadence of beautiful disarray. but today, i thought... 
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open studios: week three.


nomi klein. san francisco open studios continues on this weekend, so if you’ve missed it the past two weekends, you’ve still got time to check out some fantastic work and visit some inspiring studios. here’s a glimpse at a few artists i’d like to visit. and remember, if you’re not in the bay area, a lot of these artists have work available online.... 
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