the bedlam of beefy.


“Home is… well, where the heart is. And, like they always say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A bit cliché? Sure. But, I believe, as true a statement as it ever was. No matter where I’ve lived or how small the kitchens have been (and some have been mighty small), they’ve all consistently been the place where everyone gravitates and gathers.... 
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[ guest post: the bedlam of beefy. ]


“Hi, Kids!  It’s me, your Uncle Beefy!  Some of you may know of me, others may have skipped that family reunion altogether.  But I am here nonetheless to “grace” you with my presence at sfgirlbybay. (All I’m gonna say is… don’t hold that against Victoria.)  You never quite know what you’re gonna get with me.  But don’t... 
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