and i don’t even like perfume.

but i certainly want some now. this is the director’s cut from KENZO WORLD, the latest commercial from director Spike Jonze via Heidi Bivens on Vimeo. isn’t it amazing? very much like his earlier weapon of choice video for fat boy slim. note the common use of mirrors and architecture. i’m very inspired!  
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studio tour: a question of eagles.


i’ve been a longtime fan and follower of local ceramic artists Melissa Tolar and Jonathan Ballak, the creative husband and wife duo behind a question of eagles, and finally got the chance to meet them in person. walk into their downtown L.A. studio and you’ll be greeted by the smell of the earth, beautiful natural light and a sweet little doggie named clyde.... 
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real art for a fictitious world.


well, let’s hope that oprah is telling liz to hang all of the art that i choose! ah, liz lemon, the creator and head writer for ‘tgs’ (on nbc’s 30 rock). she’s creative and wacky and socially awkward, and i love her… almost as much as she loves food: ok, yes. these are perfect for liz. she loves food, and, she’s totally obsessive.... 
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separated at birth.


domino and barbara eden (i dream of jeannie). yay, time for separated at birth…it’s like a television game show i just can’t quit! this week i was on the hunt for some iconic figures of the 60’s and 70’s and some interiors to equal their oh-so-vibrant vibe. kinda groovy, huh? and, the best eras for eye makeup ever! barbra streisand and greg... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.

happy, indeed. mad men is back this weekend! *photos via amc.  
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