oh, and happy, happy friday.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo. i love ira, he’s a hero of mine — so i wanted to share. happy friday everyone. have an inspiring weekend! for more ira glass, listen to this american life. you can catch up on their podcasts too.  
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curated collections.


i love typography. i love art – do you see where i’m going with this? yes! an entire ‘curated collection’ of text-based art! wood, paint, thread, glitter, old signage, and even a little bit of ice. man, oh man, this is my type of art. get it? type of art? ok, you get it – let’s just look at the work, shall we? ok, so who wants to go on a road trip to the sign... 
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where on earth?


i just love these very clever typographical maps from tüt. these prints are hand-screened on recycled paper in the United Kingdom, in two very handsome colors – a slate blue, and a pale eggshell blue. makes geography oh so much more fun! choose from the us of a, and the british isles!  
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