shot through the heart.


michiemay paperie. happy valentine’s day, friends. whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, hanging out with your gal pals or simply laying low and treating yourself to something special (who me?), here’s some imagery to put you in the mood. may love find you unconditionally, without obligation, just enjoying all the pretty out there today. clockwise, l to r: aaron... 
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isn’t it romantic?


elle interiör by emma persson lagerberg and petra bindel. they tell me mad love is in the air this week. my cynical side says this could be a conspiracy theory put out there by the folks at hallmark or the chocolate making industry, but hey, i’ll roll with it. if nothing else, no matter what your romantic status is, valentine’s day is certainly one of the prettiest... 
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tuesday’s girl: baubles.


hello ladies and gentlemen — this is a public service announcement. valentine’s day is coming up in a little less than a month’s time and whether you’re looking for something special for a loved one, or just love yourself so much you think you deserve to get yourself a gift (and we all do!), i’ve got some ideas for you. i like jewelry, but none... 
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fab friday.


well, no matter how you feel about it, valentine’s day is just around the corner, and many of you have some gifts to get. or perhaps you’d like to just spoil yourself a bit! why not!? so this fab friday i’m gathering some romantic gift ideas for you. happy v day! 1. i’d love to cozy up with a loved one in this gorgeous upholstered chair photographed... 
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we are so good together.


just in time for valentine’s day here’s a lovely little limited edition collaboration between two of my favorites — Pigeon Toe Ceramics and Illustrator/Stylist/Optimist Shanna Murray (who designed my pretty banner logo!). A set of two hand-thrown porcelain cellars covered in a clear gloss glaze with black lettering (Please note! the photos appear to be dark... 
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