and i don’t even like perfume.

but i certainly want some now. this is the director’s cut from KENZO WORLD, the latest commercial from director Spike Jonze via Heidi Bivens on Vimeo. isn’t it amazing? very much like his earlier weapon of choice video for fat boy slim. note the common use of mirrors and architecture. i’m very inspired!  
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double tap that.


@taylorsterling. this week’s favorite instagram images are inspired by cheeky summer lovin’. with loads of great color and wonderful composition, these are the instagrams that are getting me double tapping this week. and have you seen the latest? instagram is taking on snapchat with their brand new ‘stories’ — instant videos that live on instagram... 
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when life gives you lemons.


have y’all watched beyoncĂ©’s lemonade visual album yet? i bought the album on itunes, and it comes with the hour-long video, so of course i had to see what all the fuss is about. visually, lemonade is really stunning and very thought-provoking. it’s a combination of songs from the album and some spoken word — some badass spoken word in which, i’m... 
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oh, and happy, happy friday.

so, this is my very first attempt at making a video. short and sweet, and yes, it could have been a whole lot better, but sadly i lost all the footage i shot during my class at blogshop video, and this was all i had left! regardless, it was fun to make and i learned a lot (i know, hard to tell from this, but i did splice, add fades, add music and color — so there’s... 
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up up and away!


yesterday i heard from the Los Angeles creative duo Hunter & Fox, aka erin rivera and Frankie Pimentel, sharing their video portrait series, which was created to show how words are not enough when it comes to creative expression. The only thing that matters in two minutes or less is close-ups, color, and amazing craftsmanship…Oh and good music! i’m fascinated... 
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