the charming sketchbooks of monsieur philippe weisbecker.


last September the lovely julie of pod traveled to Tokyo and found these books, well, more like pamphlets, that were published by a small Japanese publishing company. The work is by french artist Philippe Weisbecker and they are the most beautiful little pieces of ephemera. this book depicts charming Drawings of the most unusual, but intriguing little items (like girdles and... 
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real art for a fictitious world.


ah, bonjour! i’ve been wanting to buy art for this lovely lady for quite some time! the quiet, sweet, odd, and heroic amélie poulin (the lovely main character of 2001 french film, amélie). let me introduce you: oh these paintings! they make me want to hop on a plane immediately just so i can spend an afternoon at a parisian cafe… after i’ve bought fresh... 
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004 Yearbook

Tucked in the southwest side of Chicago is the charming shop, Yearbook. Store owners, Jef & Noel, have created a unique collection of academic paraphernalia mixed with essential home goods. It’s almost like they walked into the movie set Dead Poets Society and took all the beautiful props. It’s meticulously merchandised in a way that you can’t... 
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cloche collections.


i’ve been big into cloches lately — sometimes called bell jars. i love the unexpected little collections you can keep underneath them – like specimens to be inspected of our most beloved treasures. those sometimes strange little things we pick up in our travels and aren’t quite sure what to do with. i found this little vintage flip calendar at the perish... 
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the ground beneath my feet.


you know i tried to go all black and white and minimal when i moved into the cottage, right? well that didn’t last long. i don’t know if i’ve got spring fever or what, but i’ve gone bold, people. i still love my souk rug, so i simply moved it to the bedroom, and then — wait for it — i went in the complete opposite direction and added a couple... 
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