hey mister dj, put another record on.


manukopp + tesse barton for urban outfitters. i guess i really am in a hunkering down mood today — i can always tell when i get out the vinyl. i have an older crosley record player and i like to play the oldies but the goodies on slow weekends around the house. i put on records like joni mitchell’s miles of aisles, or some best of chet baker, and if i’m really... 
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thoughts for a friday.


i’ve had the flu this week so in-between bits of fevered delirium i’ve had lots of time to think. you know how when you’re sick it’s almost like new year’s, and you make all these really self-help, affirmation-like resolutions to yourself like, “when i get better, i am going to juice everyday. and walk for miles. and live more simply.”?... 
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02 Bop Records

Hey there. Nathan Michael here again. :) So, I’ve decided to share one of my best kept secrets with you this week. Two Words: Bop Records Tucked away in Ballard, Seattle; Bop is filled to the brim with over 100,00 records. Yep, you read that right. Pure¬†ecstasy! For those of you who share my love for vintage, vinyl goodness, this is like the holy grail of record stops.... 
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fab friday.


analog nights, via the wallpaper collective. i feel a bit like getting my groove on this fab friday. let’s put some music on and dance around today, shall we? here’s some fab friday finds to get you tapping your feet and swinging those hips! an awesome portable turntable, via urban outfitters; some new ‘old’ vinyl, via urban outfitters; the manchester... 
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