real art for a fictitious world.


hello again! it’s danielle from the jealous curator with another totally fictitious art-buying client. last week i chose a few pieces for wes anderson’s margot tenenbaum – this week, well, things are getting a little bit “sexy”: oh, carrie bradshaw – the stylish, clever, leading lady of sex and the city. i’m not sure that i’m... 
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movie night.


i’ve been dying to have an outdoor movie night since i moved into a place with a backyard. doesn’t this look like fun? the campy, pastel-colored vintage lawn chairs just kinda make the whole thing charming. that and the sheet-as-movie-screen. i gotta do it. a showing of the royal tenenbaums, or perhaps something a bit more nostalgic, like roman holiday. hmmmm…what... 
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tuesday’s girl: adele.


the beautiful and powerfully gifted adele graces the cover of vogue this march and she’s never looked more lovely. now, i know what you’re thinking…retouched. but hey, i’d like them to retouch me up a bit so i’d look this, especially if i were going to be in the pages of vogue. and regardless of any retouching here, i think it’s safe to... 
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tuesday’s girl: From Russia With Love.


i don’t get to post about ├╝ber high fashion that often, so today I thought it might be fun to share the work of designer Ulyana Sergeenko for Russian Vogue. I loved these rather glamorous peasant-style ensembles (with some badass shoes!) shot against the somewhat mundane vintage-inspired wall covering. A study in contrast to be sure, and they reminded me a bit of Catherine... 
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tuesday’s girl: grace coddington.


one of my personal heroes is grace coddington. did you ever see the september issue? if not, put it right up there on your netflix cue. the movie, a documentary about vogue’s fall issue and anna wintour is stolen away by the brilliance that is vogue creative director grace coddington. but did you know grace was once a super model in her own right? yep, not just incredible... 
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