the gutsy ones.


florence lopez. sometimes i spend time looking at rooms that may seem completely over the top, but somehow look just fabulous. they draw me in — mostly with pure admiration for the bravado of the designer. designers like wary meyers, kelly wearstler or jonathan adler take rooms to the edge of their imagination and don’t give a damn what we think — but we... 
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wary myers vintage shop? who knew?


well, la-di-da. i just discovered that my favorite designing and decorating duo wary meyers have an online shop specializing in vintage a la 1970’s accoutrement. where have i been? under a rock. perhaps so. did you know about this? i am thrilled to say the least. have a look at a few of my favorite vintage items from the wary meyers shop. buy them, please. or i will. clockwise,... 
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N.E.E.T. Finds for Your Nest.


Stephanie from N.E.E.T. here! Today’s N.E.E.T. Finds for Your Nest is the first in a new ‘Lookbook’ series, showcasing stylish spaces from around the globe – and how you can get inspired by them! First up is the living room of Linda and John Meyers from Portland, Maine. Working together as Wary Meyers, the design duo are involved in everything creative... 
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one person’s trash is this couple’s treasure.


wary-meyers are two of my biggest heroes in the vast world of design. i love, what i think, is their lack of fear. they are just simply fearless when it comes to taking what they, say, perhaps found in a dumpster, giving it a good cleaning, some extra loving care and creating, or re-creating a thing of utterly unique beauty. the duo have a new DIY book out appropriately entitled... 
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The Bold & The Beautiful.

Wary-Meyers’ own home, Portland, Maine. I just received this month’s issue of Australia’s Real Living magazine (the October issue) and whoa….color! It leaped off the pages and instantly put me in a perky, happy go lucky mood. These rooms are just filled with bright hues and colorful patterns and lots of eclectic, funky and very ‘Wary-Meyers’... 
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