welcome to tulipina.

tulipina. / sfgirlbybay

i’m delighted to take you inside the brand new san francisco-based home of floral design studio, tulipina. regarded as one of the most sought-after floral designers in the u.s. and beyond, owner kiana underwood recently moved her workspace from her home in nearby burlingame to this light-filled loft in sf’s potrero hill. her signature garden-style combines plenty of color,... 
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where in the world are we?


bonnie dain, via lilla rogers. there’s a new online class over on skillshare and i am all signed up! i love maps – adore them. ever since i was a little kid and my dad kept a stash of maps in the glovebox of our vw bug i’ve been fascinated with them. we’d take road trips and i loved to see where all the pretty little colored lines would take us. so... 
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Feather Love Photography – An Artist Workshop + a sponsored giveaway!


International and celebrity photographer Noa Azoulay-Sclater is well known for being a pioneer in the alternative wedding industry, and for her work and features in such publications as Rue Magazine, People magazine, The New York Times, Apartment Therapy and 7×7 Magazine. Her scope of work includes shooting the high profile weddings of celebrities like Emily Deschanel... 
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an atelier of our own.


Atelier is the French word for ‘workshop’, and in English is used principally for the workshop of an artist in the fine or decorative arts. so many of us work at home these days, or have at the very least carved out a little niche for ourselves where we might sit and aspire to greatness, whether it’s designing your next blog post, or a sofa slipcover or perhaps... 
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retail readiness – a giveaway to jump start your business.


Do you have a loyal following at Etsy, BigCartel or craft shows but want to see your work on the shelves of your favorite boutique? It takes more than having products ready to sell to earn a retailer’s interest, trust, and money. rena tom will help you get ready to approach stores and tell you how to make it easy for a store to buy from you. For 6 years, rena owned and operated... 
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