studio tour with ceramic artist amy dov.
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studio tour with ceramic artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay

though her medium has changed over time, amy dov has been a practicing artist for many years. she lives with her husband and two children in a lovely Los Angeles home with much of the space intentionally set aside to encourage and enable creativity. her newest work of vessels and mesmerizing wall hangings explores the elements of time and nature. amy surrounds herself with collections from nature, displaying them in methodical and lovely ways around the house as they inspire or become part of her next piece. enjoy this home studio tour and interview with ceramic artist amy dov.

ceramic wall hanging by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay ceramic vessels created by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay L.A. home of artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay

Were you working elsewhere before leaving to start your business?
I have been working with children for over 20 years.  My husband and I opened an art school in West Los Angeles in 1997 where I continue to teach.  It has always allowed each of us to both teach and time to work on our own art.

Was your path motivated by a particular creative need or personal goal?
I have painted for many years, working in oil and watercolors. Early on I also discovered a love for printmaking and ultimately worked to become a collaborative lithographer. My artistic path has lead me to work with various mediums over the years. I love raw materials. When I became a mother I closed my lithography studio, continued to teach part time and always managed to keep a painting studio for myself.  As my children grew and I had more time, the yearning to rededicate myself to my art grew.  About 4-5 years ago I discovered clay. It was a pretty instantaneous connection and within a few months my family got me a wheel for mothers day.

stone collection of artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay  ceramic wall hanging being created by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay

Where do you gain fuel that inspired your creative endeavors?
From being outside, from the quiet of the day, from nature. Walks, the beach, trees, wood, rocks, rust, bones. I collect, always in awe at how the wind, water and sun shape and transform what it touches. I am inspired by the natural growth of forms. Of course, there has been a lifelong appreciation and admiration of artists that inspire me, both historically and contemporary, through museums, galleries and travels.

What was the most unexpected aspect of your business?
Admittedly, I have been a bit leery of social media, yet I have been pleasantly surprised by the joy I have received from connecting with others around the globe.

What are some of your work tools that you can’t live without?
Tools are so integral to how I work. Aside from conventional clay tools, I use rocks and pieces of wood with the clay. I am quite connected to all my tools. I have some that have traveled with me from different places, creating a connection and depth that, for me, adds to the work I create. I weave the wall hangings with linen twine. The smell, color and texture always resonates with me and reminds me of my youth, growing up in a weavers home.

wall art and ceramic collection in artist amy dov's L.A. home. / sfgirlbybay ceramic wall hanging by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay clay and tools inside artist amy dov's L.A. studio. / sfgirlbybay

What are the top three things someone should consider before changing careers or starting their own business?
My simple advice is to trust yourself, your ideas and your path.

inside artist amy dov's L.A. studio. / sfgirlbybay ceramic sculpture by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay ceramic wall hanging being created by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay black cat inside artist amy dov's L.A. studio. / sfgirlbybay

Is there a book that you particularly love?
I do love books. Agnes Martin Writings was a book I seemed to carry around a lot and reread for inspiration.ceramic glasses created by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay ceramic studio of artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay ceramic wall hanging by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay

What do you currently have playing on the studio’s turntable?
My preference is always to work in silence. I need to hear the sound of the wheel or the tone from the tool on the clay. Somehow I see better when it is quiet.

ceramicist amy dov's L.A. studio. / sfgirlbybay ceramic mobile by artist amy dov. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

color story: apricot.
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apricot colored sofa and throw pillows. / sfgirlbybay

Whew! Last week was quite a doozy (sorry I missed you on Wednesday!) but I’m beyond excited to be back and sharing a color that’s been on my mind a ton lately. Apricot, peach, papaya, melon — basically, if it’s the hue of a delicious fruit, I’m loving it right now! From subdued hints of peachy pink scattered around the home to full-on apricot outfits and dreamy makeup looks, the shade is one of my newest obsessions and it’s perfect for Spring.

Scroll on through for all of the happy pops of apricot that I’m drawn to lately.

xx, chelsea

peachy apricot quilted jacket with tassels. / sfgirlbybaywire framed lantern lamps with peachy apricot glow. / sfgirlbybayapricot glossy eyeshadow. / sfgirlbybaypeachy pink apricot color inspiration. / sfgirlbybayapricot color two-piece linen toddler outfit. / sfgirlbybaypeachy pink apricot inspired clothing, accessories and decor. / sfgirlbybay

solidarité féminine tee; tinted glass coffee table; coral marble vessel; peach dia bikini; shelly round velvet pillow; charleston city guide; skin illuminator in apricot; crystal square sunglasses.

apricot colored throw pillow. / sfgirlbybayapricot colored fashion and accessories. / sfgirlbybaypeachy apricot and pink stacked plastic baskets. / sfgirlbybayapricot colored textiles. / sfgirlbybayapricot colored dress with fringe. / sfgirlbybaypale apricot cover of the gentlewoman. / sfgirlbybayapricot and rust color blocked outfit. / sfgirlbybay

• photography credits in order of appearance: airbnb via @lonnymag; oroboro; time & style; vogue uk; mille; @studiochloenegre; leslie williamson; Robert Schumann Gesellschaft; millk; wimke; jil sander spring 2017; luke libera moore; @dazedbutamazed; fine life co.; boheme goods; kelly wearstler; oroboro; the gentlewoman; two son.

friday finds.
by victoria comment


orange, white and green color-blocked hot air ballon. / sfgirlbybay

this may well be the busiest week i’ve ever had — no joke. i’m not complaining, but oh man, am i ready for the weekend. and, on monday i’m headed up to sonoma with bri for a few days of rest & relaxation with darling magazine. i’ll be sharing our getaway to timber cove resort on instagram, so tune in to share it with me. until then, here’s what’s inspiring me this week. cheers!

xo, victoria

  1. whilst in sonoma, we’re supposed to go hot air ballooning which is something I’ve always wanted to do, so please don’t rain — i really want to cross this off my bucket list!
  2. i’m a big fan of kip & co. but this green velvet bedding is just beyond. i love that shade! if you’re in L.A. you can find their goods at night palm, an amazing new shop in silver lake.
  3. this is fabulous place to do some weekend daydreaming, is it not? featured on my scandinavian home, it’s the eclecticly chic home of jennifer harrison of flea market fab.
  4. another lovely sleeping space. like me, milk magazine is on the hunt for inspiring instagram accounts to follow, and this feed they recommended from @julie_eye_see is a really good one!
  5. this rustic bathroom is just so gorgeous! i love the use of such colorful clay tile — proving once again that terracotta and yellow are on trend, as featured in @openhousemagazine.
  6. it’s cherry (and quince!) blossom season and i for one couldn’t be happier. it’s high on my list of favorite flowers. don’t miss this home tour from the design files.
  7. the creative couple that is Andres and Joyce of on a hazy morning photographed my house for vtwonen magazine last year and i kind of forgot all about it, but discovered their pretty images of my house on their site. have a look. their work is lovely.
  8. San Francisco’s new community workspace @theassemblysf hosts a kitchen complete with open-shelving much like that we featured on today’s wear this there. got some crates? looks like a manageable DIY.

green velvet bedding with pink sheets. / sfgirlbybay

bohemian modern porch with moroccan inspired textiles. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring bedroom photo by @julie_eye_see on instagram via milk magazine. / sfgirlbybay

rustic bathroom with yellow and red tile. / sfgirlbybay

pink cherry blossoms with mid-century modern furnishings. / sfgirlbybay

my home photographed by Andres and Joyce of on a hazy morning for vtwonen magazine. / sfgirlbybay

community workspace @theassemblysf open kitchen shelving. / sfgirlbybay