take me back to the south of france.
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Camellas-Lloret rental home in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

it’s pretty hard to not leave france without some kind of longing to figure out how one might go about living there as an expat. it’s a lifestyle i think i could really get use to — living a little bit slower, walking a whole lot more and eating fresh foods shopped for the same day at your favorite corner marché. sigh. and then i get back from my super marché shopping trip and see this beautiful home in the south of france posted by Los Angeles-based interior designer amber lewis on her blog all sorts of. it’s Camellas-Lloret, a dreamy a four-room Boutique Stay in the village of Montréal in the South of France. you’ve got to pop over and have a look at the full tour, and then join me in my wanderlust — i lay awake thinking about how i can make this happen, even for just six months of the year. until then, i’ll just be emulating this look as quickly as i can.

whitewashed rustic vacation home in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

reading room in vacation house in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

pom pom trim curtains. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring interior of Camellas-Lloret vacation home in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

green walls in Camellas-Lloret south of france vacation home. / sfgirlbybay

outdoor potted plants in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

rustic interior of Camellas-Lloret vacation home in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

clawfoot tub in rustic Camellas-Lloret vacation home. / sfgirlbybay

canopy in rustic south of france vacation home. / sfgirlbybay

rustic white clawfoot tub in blue bathroom. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring exterior and patio at Camellas-Lloret vacation home. / sfgirlbybay

rustic outdoor courtyard at Camellas-Lloret boutique hotel in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

outdoor patio at Camellas-Lloret in south of france. / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Cat Chen for all sorts of.

a petit stay in paris.
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bonjour! i have returned from my excursion overseas! i’d like to say i’m glad to be back, and i certainly am happy to be home with lucy, but quite honestly i could have stayed a just a little bit longer. my last leg of the trip was a quick 2-night stay in paris and this time i decided to try a new hotel — it’s always nice to see what options are out there and i was most pleasantly surprised by my first time (but definitely, not my last) stay at hotel des grands boulevards. i heard a lot of lovely things about it from christina and ali on instagram and was excited to stay, but i was even more pleased to view it in person.

the staff was so friendly and greeted me with a quick tour around the cafe and bars and then i hit my room — and boom! i was in love. this has to be the most comfortable bed i’ve yet to sleep in (the desk man said they’re handmade somewhere in Britain) and the decor was soothing and sublime. the restaurant was delicious (always say ouí to room service!) and the rooftop bar at sunset is not to be missed. it was also very walkable to my favorite spots — le Marais and my favorite market street, Rue Montorgueil (a food lover’s little slice of heaven!). more on paris soon but i wanted to give a shout out to hotel des grands boulevards and give it my very high two french thumbs up! also, this is not sponsored, but i found this hotel last minute through hoteltonight which i use a ton when traveling! use my referral code VISMITH2 (that’s a capital “I” after the V to clarify) and have your own spontaneous getaway!

best of: friday finds.
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whitewashed beachy room. / sfgirlbybay

every time i spend time near the seaside, i realize i miss living near the water more and more. a recent visit to laguna beach was no different, and i find myself wishing i could smoosh the california coastline and L.A.’s eastside together, so i could merge beach life with the culture of my own neighborhood and live a lot closer — rather than have it a sometimes very congested freeway trip away. since that’s not a possibility, i just bring surf culture to me — through books, and films and especially decor. and that’s where we find ourselves on this week’s friday finds. happy weekend everyone — i hope you get some beach time in!

xo, victoria

  1. i really love this very feminine look at decorating with surf culture and i could see this welcoming cozy vibe working well on a whitewashed enclosed sun porch.
  2. this is a pretty wall hanging-slash-curtain. i’d like this Lyra Rose Macrame Portal used as an interesting room divider — perhaps hanging in the room just above!
  3. Nina Freudenberger’s book Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water is definitely one of the most inspiring design books i’ve ever owned. i love this room — one of the many beautiful rooms featured in her book photographed by Brittany Ambridge.
  4. this is a very boho beachy built-in nook that ashley neese featured recently on her blog. belonging to model ally walsh, it’s the very cozy and enviable dining nook in her venice, california beach home.
  5. i really love this simple and eclectic bathroom backsplash from serena lake’s book romantic style, too. just a few decorative tiles go a long way to giving a very vintage looking sink a wee facelift.
  6. stylist emily chalmer’s funky and very feminine sink is just perfect and with those vintage rosebud paintings hanging above it feels a little like a beach cottage.
  7. 1st dibs also featured Nina Freudenberger’s design tips for living with surf culture and there are some very inspiring ideas there, too — so have a gander if you like this look.
  8. i couldn’t help myself from ordering this decorative palm leaf curtain and i can’t wait to see how it turns out hanging in my guest room. i’ll keep you posted.

macrame curtain for closet. / sfgirlbybay

inspiring image from Nina Freudenberger's book Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water. / sfgirlbybay

model ally walsh's cozy built-in dining nook. / sfgirlbybay

vintage tile backsplash. / sfgirlbybay

vintage sink with rosebud paintings. / sfgirlbybay

colorful bohemian surf shack. / sfgirlbybay

natural palm leaf curtain. / sfgirlbybay