The Secret Shoe Garden.
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Alamo Square Park is usually known for the famous ‘Painted Ladies’ – Victorian Row Houses overlooking downtown San Francisco. You’ve probably seen the postcard a zillion times. Well, today I discovered a new attraction to the park…something I have NEVER seen in all my art-viewing days. I hadn’t been to this park in years, and was looking for a new spot to take Cooper for some ‘fresh smells’. While strolling the four city-block park I found ‘The Secret Shoe Garden’. Wow – pretty unique to say the least. It’s rumored to have been created by the homeless, and it continues to grow…shoe by shoe; step by step. I took some snaps of my favorites…

I call this one Butterflies Are Free’. I find this so very wood nymph-like.

This one I entitled ‘He Says She Says I Do’. It’s an homage to gay marriage, I think. Very appropriate for San Francisco.

‘Clock Walkers’ Made by someone with lots of time on their hands.

‘Warhol Loafer Shuffle’. I think Andy would be proud.

‘I Want to Be Alone’. Screen Legend pumps.

‘Tribute to Domino Magazine’.

‘Orange is Fun’. And apparently scuffs easily and works great as a planter.

Only is San Francisco, people. Only in San Francisco!

3 responses to “The Secret Shoe Garden.”

  1. A shoe garden would give Cooper more new “smells” than he would know what to do with. Fighting the temptation to chew must have taken monumental restraint on his part!

  2. Wow! What an amazing discovery you stumbled onto. If I ever get back to San Francisco, I’m definitely going to seek this out.

  3. Oh la la !! Amazing garden and unusual place for shoes. I love the idea, but i love so much shoes that i could never let them out in a garden. What’s happened when it rains ?

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