New American Idols.
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I have just discovered my latest idols, Wary Meyers. Perhaps I’ve been living under a large rock, but have y’all seen their work before? From kitschy pet portraits, to graphic design, to music video sets and amazing interior design, this duo does it all. And really, really well. It’s bohemian modern, for sure, and yes, sometimes a bit over the top, but it’s so uniquely special in my eyes. John Meyers is a designer, and former display director, once wonderfully responsible for Anthropologie’s amazing store displays. Linda Wary is an advertising agency refugee (we all want to be!) and graphic designer. The two met in New York and started doing trend forecasting, and now are ‘Team Wary Meyers’. I want their jobs. They’re like the renaissance artists of the new design world.

Just take a look at some of their recent interior design installations. Pretty fantastic, and sometimes fantastical! And what I really appreciate is that a lot of the furnishings look like ‘found objects’ to me, from my usual sources, flea markets and yard sales. So, although I suspect their fee is not cheap, some of the pieces they use just may be. Which also helps to make them one of a kind, avoiding the cookie cutter cloning of some less original design firms.

*And yes, that is a portrait of Alfred E. Neuman in the upper left corner. Brilliant.

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  1. the pics on their site are probably my fav decor pics EVER!!!!! they are so creative. again, seeing this makes me TOTALLY want to redecorate.

  2. sfgirlbybay…

    i’ve just spent the last hour (+) devouring your blog…what a great spot! i’m an sf girl myself, and just moved into my first “own” apartment…furniture and design are all i can think about right now!

    thanks so much for the inspiration…i may lose my job with all the time i’m spending on your site, but i’ll definitely be back!

  3. thanks ladies! i think i owe finding wary meyers to you, kim. did you post some in ‘rooms i heart’ on flickr?

    blondie – thanks so much! congrats on the new apartment. i’m glad you like the blog – i’m all about bargains and flea market finds, so it should be good for you in your first home away from home.

  4. I must live under a rock too because I never saw this duo- and now I love it. Thanks for sharing, I can always count on incredible taste from you.


    Victoria asked me to post this:

    I am locked out of my gmail account and so I can’t blog. Major technical difficulties here! Just wanted to let you all know what is going on… I hope to see you soon!

    – Victoria

  6. Read about your problems at design*sponge. Sorry to hear that. I have just discovered your blog and am really impressed. Will be a regular visitor from now on. Regards from the UK.

  7. i, also, discovered Wary Meyers a few months ago. i had never seen someone put my personal style into action quite like these designers do! totally amazing. the photo of the green couch against the teal wall (from the portland, maine appt)… and that dining room from the same appt… complete inspiration!

    -a fellow blogger and reader on the eastcoast.

  8. i’m an sf girl too (who loves design), & i just discovered your blog. it’s such a treat! thanks for posting about team wary meyer ~ very inspirational!

  9. Thanks everyone, and welcome if you’ve never been here before! I just love these guys’ work too – so unexpected, risky and yet it all seems to work so well. Glad y’all like it, too.

    It’s so good to be back! :)

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