Rico’s Got A New Girl.
by victoria comment


My dear Rico Suave has been hanging around on his own for quite a while now. And honestly, well, a little low. It appears though, that Rico’s wait is over, his girl has arrived. They say we’re all meant for someone. And she was meant for him. Meet my new matchmaking effort: Rico and Emma Lou.

The story goes that Rico was doing odd jobs to make ends meet around Atlanta, Georgia, by way of Florida, by way of the Keys, by way of Havana. Anyway, one warm, humid night at a steamy, Atlanta dive bar, Past Perfect, Rico’s working his night gig, playing a mean set of bongos in a local Rumba band, when in walks Emma Lou and her very blond sorority sisters. Tipsy, snickering and pointing out Rico’s fine rhythm on the bongos, Rico couldn’t help but notice in comparison, Emma Lou’s refined manners, shiny brunette locks, and the secret smile behind her ruby painted lips. She obviously dug his beat. He sent over a Cuba Libre. And the rest is history. Hanging on my walls. Together at last. The end.

12 responses to “Rico’s Got A New Girl.”

  1. Your story is perfection as are those paintings. However, from your pics they are still not together. she looks a little forlorn because they are still too far apart.

    Do this romantic, yearning soul a favor and post a pic of them hanging on the wall together if you get a chance. I fear all will not be right in my life until I see them together.


  2. oh my, you’re on your way to the wall of portraits that i so covet! wonderful find and great story.

  3. Well done… the do look saddened by the perpetual confinement of their frames… contemplating a fix for their dilemma could be part of the allure… which is also potently perpetual… or is it that I just like that word today… “perpetually perplex”. Sounds like a Lyle Lovett song.

  4. love them! i am always on the lookout for portraits such as these but never have much luck. any advice?

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