Sunday in The City.
by victoria comment

It’s pretty chilly out there in the City today, and I’ve got a bit of a head cold,
so pix today are courtesy of the sfgirlbybay home office. I’m blogging away,
from my sofa, trying like all heck to catch up from last week’s lack of posts!

Here’s a few vintage signs I’ve captured driving around the City lately, too.
Nothing like a cool old sign with some pretty typefaces to give you a nice
surprise while you’re stuck behind the wheel in a bit of traffic.

16 responses to “Sunday in The City.”

  1. joy – we have the best taste, no? hehe. thanks so much!

    it’s nice and transportable, too. i think i need a couple more!

  2. Is that a little table you’re using to hold your laptop? I could really use something like that. My apartment is so small my boyfriend and I share a desk, and lately he’s appropriated it entirely.

  3. Congratulations! I saw your house on the list of runners up for the Domino decorating contest. Mine is there too, but I was more excited that it was on there with two of my favorite bloggers (you and Joy)! Good luck!

  4. I’m gonna be in SF the 14th-16th. I can’t wait to just walk around with my camera. By the way, I covet that little white table you have for your lap top and cup of coffee. Jealous!!

  5. oh my – i love that you use the bike basket for files! since i’ve retired my bike for the winter months mine (green) is currently housing the stuffed animals that my friend’s son like to play ‘basketball’ with when he comes over. the home office idea is much more chic though…

  6. is that farmacia on 20th and mission? it’s right by my house… i never really considered it much before but juxtaposed with all those other photos i quite like it. lovely.

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