Foreign Correspondent: Secrets to Storage.
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Browsing through the March issue of Marie Claire Maison, one of my very coveted issues of the French design magazine, I saw these clever ideas for making the most of your limited storage possibilities. I love the artsy book rack on the back of the bedroom door – it creates a kind of 3D sculpture. And these many hooks affixed to every possible surface of this walk-in closet are a great place to hang your bags and accessories for easy access (above).

The peg board, painted metallic silver and mounted to the inside of a kitchen cupboard looks really great, and functions well, too. And the book rack (on the right) and little cubby shelf are a fun way to display and store your very cutest shoes.

Utilizing every space of the back of your bathroom door is an efficient and attractive way to store bathing supplies and beauty necessities. And the fun bungee cords are a quick and easy way to tuck away toys, or even your prettiest hats an scarves. Thanks again to Marie Claire Maison for these quick, easy and cute storage tips.

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  1. I like to use over the door shoe holders and 3M hooks- holds everything from toiletries to scarves and jewelry, not to mention shoes! My little one uses one to store all of those little toy parts that would normally get sucked up in the vacuum! On the side, Europeans are very good with storage- they are used to not having a ton of space and making the most of what they have…

  2. The type of hooks, and the nice wooden designs. I’m drawn to the last fun bungee cords for some reason. I think because its cozy yet cheerful. Thanks for sharing!

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