Bloesem’s World Tour.
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I was super excited when Irene from one of my favorite design blogs, Bloesem, asked me to contribute to her World Tour. Irene asked some her of fellow bloggers to contribute a couple of posts about our favorite interior designer/artist/photographers, as well as share something special about our cities; a restaurant, shop, cafe, museum etc. A little something special that might be of interest to Bloesem readers about our hometowns. Contributions came in from all over the world, from Denmark, to Capetown, and included bloggers like Erin from Design for Mankind of Los Angeles, and Francesca of Mrs. Eliot Brooks out of London.

I shared one of my San Francisco favorite shops, Nest, as well as a post about Angie Cao, one of my favorite photographers, known for capturing beautiful interiors. Her photos are so calm and peaceful, with just lovely natural lighting. Angie shoots commercially, but her photos don’t look commercial and I find them completely inspiring, which is I why I shared them. For a further look at my contributions, as well as some of the other bloggers’ fantastic posts, go check out Bloesem’s World Tour. Thanks so much for having me on this fun and inspiring tour, Irene!

*All photos courtesy of Angie Cao.

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  1. This is a great idea, Irene did a wonderful job pulling everyone together for this feature. Your home always looks great Victoria, I never tire of seeing it despite that it is one of the web’s most viewed homes now I think. Do you have any plans to update anything soon or? I always watch your blog to see if you have some clever new arrangement to show us.


  2. thanks diana!

    and, you too holly! yes – i do feel the itch coming on to change things again! these pics (the bottom photo) is a *really* old one of my place, but i loved how angie was able to make it look (so much so, i am kind of missing that iteration of my place!). stay tuned for some updates, soon!

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