guest post: Live from Portland: Amy Ruppel.
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Hello all! It’s Lisa reporting from Portland again. I am so lucky to have so many talented friends here in the Northwest. One of my favorites is Amy Ruppel, who is as kind and generous as she is talented. Today I went with Amy, my friend Diana and my eight-year-old niece (also a big fan of Amy’s) to see her most recent body of work entitled Migratory Patterns at the Grassy Knoll Gallery in Portland.

Migratory Patterns is the most impressive and diverse collection of Amy’s work that I have ever seen. Included in the collection are a wonderful combination of her popular trademark encaustic paintings—along with about fifteen hand painted wooden houses and “shrubs”, cheery wall murals, and, most impressive, meticulously hand-printed (by Amy) fabric from hand-carved wooden and rubber stamps.

I highly recommend checking out this beautiful collection of work (much of which is still available for purchase) at Grassy Knoll Gallery, located upstairs in the historic Merchant Hotel at 123 NW 2nd Avenue, in Old Town Portland. And you’ve got plenty of time to see it—it’s up for another three months through the end of August, 2008.

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  1. Oh I love this, I wish I could go there. I’ve been trying to buy one of Amy’s works from her site for some time, but they were always sold out so quickly…
    By the way it’s so cool that you all actually know each other in real life. I’m also a big fan of Diana Fayt’s work, and of your sister’s and Victoria’s of course, so it’s really nice that you’re all friends & family in real life…

  2. this was my first introduction to her stuff, thank you so much! how gorgeously whimsical and innocent.

  3. Yippee! This is great! I can’t wait to see some of Amy’s stuff in person. My folks live down near Portland and so this’ll be an easy-peasy outing to make :)

    Love the stuff, Amy! Thanks, Victoria!

  4. I love Amy’s work! It’s so fresh and lovely – and the fabric – swoon! I was very excited to have the chance to meet Amy in New York last year at the National Stationery Show – she’s as lovely as her work.

  5. i saw this show too and it’s a wonderful collection of Amy’s work! she is indeed delightfully sweet!

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