Unexpected Guests: Bloesem.
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I’ve been anticipating this post for a few weeks now, and I am so happy to bring you the home of Irene Hoofs, of the lovely Bloesem, one of my very favorite design blogs. Irene’s home is one of our more exotic locales, as she resides in Kuala Lumpur…in Malaysia, but was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. How very cosmopolitan! Irene’s blog is full of amazing inspiration and she has recently started a new blog, Bloesem Kids for the young wee ones in your life. Let’s take a look at life at Irene’s life with her family in Malaysia!

What is your idea of a perfect day in your city?
To me a perfect day in Kuala Lumpur is just any ordinary weekday…bringing my two-year old son to pre-school around 8:30am or so, coming back home and work on my two blogs while having some breakfast, and starting to respond to emails…I would then pick up my little boy around noon and play with him or go for a swim, do a bit more work, and then do another pick up… this time my husband who works in the city center near the beautiful Petronas towers, we would go for a drink in one of the many nice bars followed by a romantic dinner in one of our favorite restaurants, and the list of “favorites” is growing every week, there just so many amazing restaurants in Kuala Lumpur!

What don’t you leave home without?
Hmmm, probably doesn’t sound very thrilling, but I always carry my phone and some money.

What’s your favorite local shop?
I love our grocery store, where you can find products from Japan, China, Malaysia, Europe, Australia and the Northern Americas, they also offer a small selection Chinese tableware, not completely my taste, but I just love seeing it. Last weekend I discovered the best furniture store in town, Fiske. It’s not an easy find when you are visiting KL, because it’s in an industrial area. It has a wide range of contemporary Danish furniture, which I love, and some new gorgeous pieces.

What’s on your wish list?
For me and my family to stay healthy and fit! Bright white walls and a concrete floor! We’re currently living in a rental apartment and it wouldn’t be wise to re-paint the whole apartment and place a different floor, but I really don’t like the almost yellowish color on our walls right now, the wooden floor is okay, but I think all our furniture would look so much better on bright concrete floor, like we had in our apartment in Amsterdam.

What is your biggest interior design nightmare?
Mirrors…I mean those big mirror walls or closets completely covered with mirrors. I still have yet to see a place where they have done a great job using big mirrors for the wall…I think it’s so cold and emotionless.

Who are your favorite artists? And why?
For design I must say, Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk (or Kiki World), because her designs are so original and unique, fresh and different and I believe she must be a very friendly person.

For art: I really love the work by Alison Fox and AshleyG.

And I just did an interview with Dutch children’s fashion designer Kellie Smits from BB+++ for the Open House feature on BloesemKids. I really admire her, she has such a good working attitude, passionate and makes incredible and stylish clothing for children!

Where do you find inspiration?
Books, magazines and blogs like yours, Victoria! I really love books about art, design and photography. Phaidon is one of my favorite publishers. And just recently I discovered this Dutch publisher called, 010. I’m waiting for this book to arrive on our doorstep, How They Work. My favorite magazines are Wallpaper, Elle Decoration UK, the Dutch Elle Wonen and Dwell.

Who do you admire and why?
Everybody who is passionate about what he or she does in life…I believe that’s the most important thing, live life to the fullest and try to enjoy each moment of it, not always easy, but that’s what I really like when people know how to do that.

What’s your favorite film?
Love Actually is very high on my favorite list.

What is your most treasured belonging?
Actually I have two, a ring that belonged to my grandmother, and a Isamu Noguchi Akari lamp which my husband bought for me for our apartment in Amsterdam. I don’t see my child as my belonging, but he definitely is most precious to me!

What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
Beautiful fabrics from Ho-Chi-Minh-City, wooden pieces from Bangkok, and insect tiles by Studio Job from our trip to the Netherlands last May.

…and of course I would like to say: “Thank you Victoria for inviting me, it was a real pleasure being your Unexpected Guest!”. Thank you, Irene for inviting us into your beautiful home! The pleasure was all mine.

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  1. Great interview! Was that her interior in Amsterdam or the new locale? She definitely has an international flair, and I enjoy both of your blogs!

  2. Hi Victoria, thank you so much for having me…it was much fun taking the images of our apartment….and Emily the toothpicks are vintage pins which were used for advertising purposes, you can compare it with the fridge-magnets nowadays….i recently found them at a flea-market in the Netherlands ::irene::

  3. As we Malaysian say TERIMA KASIH (thank you) for having a Malaysia-based blogger in this blog…

    Yang jarang itu amat mempersonakan… (rare things mesmerise)

  4. I live in Kuala Lumpur too and its amazing to see what Irene has done with her rented apartment!
    It just oozes with creativity!

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