Floor Me!
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A few weeks ago, Grace at design*sponge hosted the very fabulous Lena Corwin Printing by Hand Contest, and I was blown away by the 1st place winner’s entry. This patterned floor was hand painted by winner Catherine.

Her floors reminded me of these beautiful, polished concrete floors from San Francisco-based Transparent House. Their design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface either when poring, or afterwards when the concrete has set. The lovely floral ornaments enhance the clean and simple look of the concrete floors, while adding warmth and contrast, and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.

I also found these beautiful examples of hand painted hardwood floors while browsing around flickr, Living Etc. and Domino galleries. For more tips on hand painting, check out Lena Corwin’s wonderful book, Printing By Hand, as well as Domino’s How To on stenciling a floor.

Hand painted floor at Nova Scotia restaurant Rogi Orazio from robotgirl.

Pretty red stencils on white floor from Domino.

What I really want, white hand painted floors from Living Etc.

Painted floor at Berkeley Repertory Theatre from lisasecnic.

Stenciled hardwood floors from Xenophile12.

11 responses to “Floor Me!”

  1. OMG, I have so been wanting stenciled floors for so long. I’d like to do a take on the traditional black-and-white checkerboard kitchen floor but with white over hardwood (saw this in a home decor magazine and loved it, so credit goes to a guy in New Orleans who had done this in his home). I’ve been holding on to the issue for years…

  2. so cute!
    the top images, reminded me of the reverse graffiti (green works/? ) recently done on the walls of the broadway tunnel here in sf. cool post, although I love hardwood naked with no nothing on them, but interesting concept (xenophile’s)

  3. i’m so glad you liked these – a whole new way to look at floors.

    and those floors from sunny are incredible, anne! beautiful – thank you for sharing them!

  4. Oh My! The transparent house and white bedroom examples are just awesome! Floors are usually forgotten. But if you are creative, and no need to spend tons of money, your room can be totally pleasantly different!

  5. I was just thinking about this today!
    I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom, with wistful dreams of a painted, wooden floor.

    Great inspiration.

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