The Bold & The Beautiful.
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Wary-Meyers’ own home, Portland, Maine.
I just received this month’s issue of Australia’s Real Living magazine (the October issue) and whoa….color! It leaped off the pages and instantly put me in a perky, happy go lucky mood. These rooms are just filled with bright hues and colorful patterns and lots of eclectic, funky and very ‘Wary-Meyers’ inspired rooms, one of my very favorite looks.

Real Living, October.

Real Living, October.

Anthropologie catalog.

Same goes with the recent Anthropologie catalog – very euro chic indeed, and a wonderful resource for putting together your own eclectic look! Perhaps it’s no coincidence that John Meyers was formally a display director at Anthropologie – his hippie-chic taste seems to have stuck. I’m a huge fan of the design aesthetic of the Wary-Meyers team, and love how they work with what you’ve got, and add vintage bits and tons of color to a room to create interiors that are full of unique and individual personality, and ban any shred of cookie-cutter generic furnishings. I hope these inspire you to create your very own personal look!

Real Living, October.
Anthropologie catalog.

Anthropologie catalog.

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  1. I love their work! I really enjoyed their previous project of repurposing “junk” they found on the street into amazing decor pieces.

  2. Oh that’s just so much my style! I can’t stop looking at the photo with the blue painted hallway… divine! ;)

  3. You are right! These are all so so happy!! :-) I love the color of the walls in the first photo!! Also.. that red couch and the rest of the pics too :)

  4. Does anyone know where i can get pillows similar to the ones in the first photo? What a stunning mix of patterns and colors? It looks like they are knitted. Thanks in advance! -MM

  5. i’m so glad you all get inspired by this vibe. it’s just happy, no?

    mm – those pillows are needlepoint, but i’ve found a few on ebay. i think they are hand doene. but jonathan adler has needlepoint pillows as well.

  6. I have loved Wary-Meyers for so long. I adore their style and the fact that they “repurpose”. I cannot WAIT for their book – the only bad news is, I have to wait till next year.

  7. I had seen that first Wary Meyers photo many times before I knew the history of their company. I loved it initially but love it even more now knowing how much they work with found objects and their passion for using flea market finds. Their interiors really show that you can have a beautiful home without having to go out and buy all new and expensive furniture.

  8. I just subscribed to Real Living, what a fabulous magazine. Until I get my first issue, so you know if I can buy the October copy in SF anywhere?

    Love your blog by the way!

  9. I just subscribed to Real Living, what a fabulous magazine. Until I get my first issue, do you know if I can buy the October copy in SF anywhere?

    Just love your blog by the way!

  10. The work of Wary-Meyers is just the style I’m trying to achieve. So fun and colorful!

    On another note, I’m trying to find Real Living as well, but I’m not on the coast. Any chains or online sources for buying single issues?

  11. i am a HUGE fan of wary meyers, and i had no idea he was a director anthropologie… but it makes SO much sense! loooovin’ that red sofa too!

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