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Pretty pink Sam Avedon chair from Paper Pony.

It’s true, my name is Victoria Smith and I am a Chair-O-Holic. I see an interesting. well-shaped chair, and I feel compelled to swoop it up. At last count, I think I have around a dozen side chairs. I could probably spare down a bit, but have been unable to bring myself to part with any of my lovely and beloved chairs. I took a look around online for some other chic chair love and here’s a look at what I discovered.

Turquoise Thonet plywood chair from ninainvorm.

Wrought iron cafe chairs just hankering for a
makeover, also from Paper Pony.
Bertoia Diamond wire chair Paper Pony.
Mid-century Rohé rattan chair, also from ninainvorm.

Old School Eames Rocker from Ansel Olson.

Olive green mid century gem from estherdh.

A much more chic version of a La-Z Boy from Adore_Vintage.

Beautiful mid-century classic from So Sylvie.
Fab Scoop chair, mid-century modern from O!Rachew!
Vintage school chair from ATLITW.

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  1. My name is Raya & I am a chair-oholic too (as you can tell from my flickr). My side chair count is 5 – I am out of room otherwise I would have more. Aren't my heart chairs sad? Seeing that photo reminded me that I really need to fix them up. Fun post!


  2. If you are a chair o holic, then you must must stay at Hotel 1929 in Singapore if you ever happen to be there. It’s an amazing boutique hotel and it’s owner is a chair o holic and each room has it’s own special chair.
    They swap the chairs around every now and then.
    Great post!

  3. i love the white "la-z boy" !! i love pin-tucking, or rolling what have you…

    p.s. you've been tagged, check our page to see the rules!

    xo cheryln & sarah

  4. As a fellow Chair-O-Holic, I feel it is my duty to tell you that the first chair in the post is NOT an Eames design.

    The chair in the photo was designed by Sam Avedon for Aladdin Plastics in the early ’60s.

  5. Munted kowhai – sounds cool!

    thanks sarah!

    anna – i wondered if that was right! thank you for clarifying – i will fix it!!

  6. Alas, I too, suffer from this chair malady. I feel your pain (and pleasure). I am trying to keep this chair thing under control – I have no more room for chairs – but it is hard. Thanx for sharing the cool pics.

  7. Hi, Victoria, Charli here. Yes, another (trying to reform) chair-o-holic.

    To tempt all of you out there, there is a cousin of your pictured lazy boy sitting in the window of the vintage store Apartment on 18th Street (near Valencia) in SF. It is not tufted (buttoned?) but it is a virulent cross between chartreuse & avocado.

    I would LOVE for someone to buy it so I don't have to continue using my weakening willpower.

  8. I loved this post! Each one you highlighted is fantastic, but I adore that vintage school chair! I can’t ever say no to a lovely chair… and some stools get me, too! I really need to stop, but my shed is quietly being filled with future project chairs that I couldn’t resist. sshhh!

  9. so funny, i just spent about 1 hour browsing chairs on ebay and craigslist. then i come over here and see your post. i actually need a new chair for my desk so it’s real shopping and not just internet window shopping! oh man, that turquoise one is so what i want too.

  10. Speaking of chairs .. I’ve been thinking about buying an Eames rocker, and am wondering if I could solicit your opinion. How comfortable is it really? Do you (or guests) actually use yours, or is it more of a decoration than a practical chair? I love the look, but I feel like this needs to be a practical decision.


  11. it is super comfortable and my guests sit in it a lot. it’s not a curl up and read in it kinda chair (at least not for me) but i love it! and i fond it very comfy for rocking and hanging out chatting.

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