Keep Calm and Carry On – New Color!
by victoria comment


I’m going to be printing a new batch of the Keep Calm & Carry On posters next week, and I’m going to do a new color in addition to this brand new Royal Blue color (Pantone 662U). You can find it in my etsy shop here. I’ll be printing this Keep Calm Poster in Metallic Silver next week. If there’s another color you think would be cool, let me know and I’ll consider printing some other new colors very soon (maybe black?). And, thanks so much for all your continued support of my etsy shop!

14 responses to “Keep Calm and Carry On – New Color!”

  1. I am sure I am far too late in the game, but if there are any still available, I would love love love one!

  2. I’m probably too late, but like everyone else, would love one.

    Regardless, thanks for posting this – I absolutely adore this poster!

  3. i was looking on the net for (UK) wartime posters to blog tomorrow and came across your blog, i like the look of it a lot, so much variety.

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