Obama Style.
by victoria comment


As you may have heard, the Obamas have selected their new White House interior designer, Michael S. Smith. I just discovered Mr. Smith (no relation, that I know of) has a great book out on homes he has decorated, strangely enough entitled, Michael S. Smith Houses. His long list of celebrity clients, but more importantly, he has experience in family friendly interiors so I guess he’ll be making the White House nice and comfy for the Obamas. A native of California, Smith studied interior design at the prestigious Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and apparently Mr. Smith a reputation for for mixing high and low, mixing rare antiques with custom-made and retail pieces. I imagine he’ll have a plethora of rarities to start with at the White House. What a dream job for the 44 year old super talent.

14 responses to “Obama Style.”

  1. What a great job! I always drool over the Christmas decorating special at the White House, I cannot even imagine getting to do the whole place!

  2. I just did a blog on him today! Wouldn’t it be great to be the designer to the Obamas!!

    Happy Friday to you too!!

  3. He’s a talented designer and I’m sure he’ll do wonderful work. Does anyone else feel weird seeing all this money spent on sprucing up the White House, when millions of poeple are losing their homes? I about hurled when I saw the Mrs. Bush spent 450,000 on china 2 weeks before leaving…yikes. Beautiful photos though…

  4. Lindsay – that’s a very good point. I hope they keep that in mind when doing the project.