Camera Crazy.
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If you’ve been reading sfgirlbybay for a while, you might have realized I’m kind of obsessed with photography. I was actually a photography major in high school, working back then in the school darkroom, and loving the smell of those chemicals, and beautiful old SLR cameras. I still love those vintage cameras, as I know many of you do…and even though you can’t find film for some of them, they still make for some interesting, decorative objets d’art. I picked up this beautiful retro-inspired Diana toy camera last week at Urban Outfitters, and can’t wait to load her up with 120 film and take her for a spin!

There’s also websites, like found photography who guide you in re-purposing these old cameras and giving them new life, allowing you to capture unique greatness again with their old lens. Famed photographer Arthur Elgort also has a wonderful book dedicated to the collection of of old cameras, Camera Crazy. I scouted around and found some old cameras I love and images of them that just make me smile.

This one’s named Lucille, from sacredlotus.

Polaroid of a Vintage Kodak from harpy.

A treasured favorite from mainemomma2007.
Vintage Kodak Brownie Hawkeye from icklebird.

The Adventurer 620, also from sacredlotus.

A thrifted vintage Savoy from bugheart.

The Argus Seventy Five from Yvette Inufio.
A family heirloom Polaroid SX-70 from jodi*mckee.

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  1. I’m camera crazy as well. I just bought a friend the Diana F+ and I have been looking for one for myself…

    I also have a Kodak Duaflex, 2 Argus 75’s, a Polaroid Sun660, and a Yashica-Mat EM. Love shooting medium format!

    -Bridget (Bee Roach)

  2. yum! my husband is a photographer and i love his sx-70! i just love how it folds flat and you can carry it around like a purse. so sweet!


  3. Hi! I have just bought a bright pink fish eye camera from Urban Outfitters (You can see it on my blog on the whats inside my bag bit). I got the first film developed the other day and its not too bad, though some are too dark. LOVE the vintage style looking one you got!

  4. I’m so in love with that mint green Diana camera! I’ve been scooping that out for some time..But nothing beats a classic sx-70 polariod camera. Even the structure of them are just brilliant!

  5. I have the one my parents used taking photos when we were growing up. It looks just like that Brownie. Oops, showing my age!

  6. love vintage, so can anyone explain the fascination with vintage items, particularly with 20 somethings that have no recollection?

  7. I bought that camara about a year ago. I have to say it’s hard to find film for it. I mean I went to 4 or 5 camara stores. I finally found some about 2weeks ago, sadly it was only black and white film (which I love black and white dont get me wrong but i wanted to see the cool colors the camara could create) I have not gotten them developed yet but im sure the pictures will turn out awesome bc it is just such a cool camara. Hope you have better luck with finding film then I did.

  8. I wish I were better at photography. And I don’t know much about cameras – but I love the pale green camera, and the one in aqua blue!!

  9. Oh please share your images when you make them. I have been thinking of buying one of these beauties for a while now.

  10. I bought Doug a new Diana camera from Urban Outfitters last year – it’s great. The a couple of weeks ago I spotted an old one at the local junk store. I asked the guy “how much for the camera” and he said – “oh just take it, it’s rubbish, it’s just a toy, it doesn’t work!”
    So now we have 2.
    The best part is that the old one I got for free is really scratched up and grubby(perfect for what I have in mind). Can’t wait to get some 120 packed into it and start roving around with my “toy” camera.

  11. Victoria, Thanks for all of your camera inspiration. Your Sunday in Your City post a few weeks ago really sparked my interest again in old cameras. I’m not quite ready to give up the convenience of digital though so have been researching different lens options etc. If you haven’t heard of it, you and your readers might be interested in the Lensbaby. I bought one last week and recently added the three additional optics which will give my digital similar results to these older cameras. There is even a pinhole lens. I can’t wait to experiment this weekend. I did dig out my dad’s old Agfa camera which is a remarkable piece of equipment. Thanks again.

  12. I have a cabinet with at least 10 cameras: 2 dianas, 3 holgas, rolleiflex, my grandpas camera, my very first ever polaroid I got when I was 7, my first serious camera was a pentax spotmatic, and my true love Leicaflex SL I bought in Paris when my camera died mid trip. I haven’t touched them in three years and I feel so guilty! But I’ll never part with them!

  13. i love old cameras too! i’m bookmarking that found photography website, it looks awesome. just today i was looking at a kodak instamatic and didn’t get it cos i figured i wouldn’t be able to use it. i know they look nice too, but i just don’t have the room.

  14. Oooh, I love all your cameras! Coming from a family of photographers, I don’t have one cute camera! Oh dear. What have you started here? (I have seen the one at Urban Outfitters and walked away–blinders on.) Be still my beating heart.

  15. I just found my old polaroid camera,- i LOVE the look!! So it isnt only me… Thanks for the IINSPIRATION!!

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