Sunday in the City.
by victoria comment


it was an incredibly beautiful and sunny weekend here in san francisco. so, i put on my favorite red keds (you can’t help but be in a good mood when you wear these babies!) and i took a ride with the top down in the little bug. first off, i hit the alemany farmers market on early saturday morning, and then ran around town running errands, soaking up the sun and enjoying some good tunes on the radio. here’s a little peek of what i saw on my weekend adventure.


run faster, jump higher.


road trip.


one a day.


things go better with coke.


cherry ride.


hot tomato.

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  1. when we were wee, my brother, sister + i used to call our tennies “run faster” shoes… your opening words on today’s post brought a giant smile to my face! giant!

    i have been enjoying your blog for quite awhile now [my sister showed me the way to sfgirlbybay]. i like the new look!

  2. I love the colors in the tomato and window frame pictures! It made me think of summer and salsa and sunny days cooking :)

    The new design looks great!

  3. Sure didn’t take much creativity to “create” your “Keep Calm and Carry On” Posters, did it? Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic did it first!!!

  4. Barbara – actually i’ve been making them since 2006, and if you asked rachel, she’d tell you she bought them from me. i was her supplier.

  5. Love, love your photos! Can’t wait to come back for a visit. Your site is really lovely. I just got a little face lift for my site as well – so fun to keep re-creating, reinventing ourselves. Hope you come to have a peek some time.

  6. WoooW!!! Amazing dipthycs!!!

    I love the composition…their colorful…really!

    I can regret the sunny weekend that you lived with your photos!

    Great!! :)

  7. Nice punchy colors in your photos. I love it! Makes me want to jump on a plane for San Francisco. PS great new website. Lookin’ good! Wow.

  8. Wow! Love, love, love the colors, Victoria! And the typeface of the new blog design. I especially love to see how you constantly freshen up a space… really nice! And the old Keds slogan took me waaaay back too. BTW, do you remember their competition, called PF Flyers? I knew a young kid who heard their ads and actually thought she could fly when she wore her sneakers. She went up in an apple try, spread her arms as though she would fly, and fell to the garden below, breaking her arm. True! See how much your fabulous blog stirs up? Whoa!
    Your Sunday in the City posts are the very best!!

  9. thank you all so very much! i’m glad you enjoyed the bright colors, and are liking the new look of the blog!

    joan – thank you always for your lovely comments!

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